The Alviscan allows patients to measure their vital functions themselves. This saves time of the healthcare professionals, actively involves the patient and helps optimizing the care process.

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Blood pressure & heart rate 

During the blood pressure measurement, the systolic and diastolic pressure are measured automatically. All the patient has to do is put their arm into the device and press start on the screen. The on-screen instructions guide the patient on proper positioning of the arm during the measurement. In addition, the patient’s heart rate is measured during the blood pressure measurement.

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The oxygen level in the blood is measured with a pulse oximeter. To perform the measurement, the patient inserts his or her finger into the sensor. The measurement starts and ends automatically. The Alviscan self-measurement kiosk provides feedback to the patient about the position of the finger.

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The Alviscan has a scale which is integrated into the floor panel. To measure weight, a patient simply needs to stand up and wait a few seconds.

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The Alviscan can measure a patient’s height using three precision sensors strategically positioned above the patient’s head, enabling to pinpoint the patient’s exact standing position. When the patient stands for the weight measurement, the height is determined at the same time. Height measurements is optional, patients can also enter their height manually via the touchscreen.

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Body Mass Index

Based on the weight and height of the patient, the Alviscan can present the Body Mass Index. To register the height, either the height measurement or the manual height input can be used.

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Body temperature is measured using a contactless infrared temperature sensor. The measurement is very easy to perform; the patient just needs to look at the sensor lens.

The Alviscan self-measurement kiosk can be customized to your specific needs. For more information, please contact us.