Alviscan is now active in multiple hospitals. In these cases the hospitals who use Alviscan will tell you how they use it and what benefits it has brought to their wards. 

Erasmus MC connects Alviscan to their EHR

In the Erasmus Medical Center, the Alviscan is located in the anesthesiology department and is used by 80% of patients. Most are pleased to be able to measure their own saturation, heart rate, blood pressure, height and weight. Thanks to the integration with their EHR, the Alviscan automatically stores all measurement data in the correct patient file. This results in a reduction in workload for the employees. Additionally, it prevents input errors. That is an important added value. This way, we truly make a quality improvement.

Self-measurement kiosk: added value for staff and patients

The staff at the clinic are enthusiastic. We estimate that we have freed up approximately half a full-time equivalent (FTE) by using the Alviscan. That time is now spent on other tasks. HagaZiekenhuis had been interested in a self-measurement kiosk for some time. This coincided with a request from the staff: could certain tasks not be performed automatically, such as measuring vital signs? We took this call for labor-saving innovation very seriously.