Self measurement kiosk for vital signs

With Alviscan self-measurement kiosk, patients can independently measure their vital signs before having an appointment with a healthcare professional. By following the on-screen instructions, patients can easily take the measurements themselves. The measurement results are automatically stored in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and are immediately available to healthcare providers.

This saves time for the healthcare professional who would normally have to perform the measurements. It prevents errors while copying the readings into the EHR and increases self-monitoring involvement and awareness of the patient.


Healthcare process improvements

Save time

Avoid registration errors

Increased patient involvement

Save time

Patients can measure in their own time before their appointment with the healthcare professional. This saves 0.5-1 FTE per healthcare professional.

Avoid registration error

Measurement results are automatic stored in the Electronic Health Record. This prevents registration errors and loss of data.

Increase patient involvement

Patients are given an active role: they carry out the measurements themselves. This makes them curious about the results and involves them in a new and unique way.

How does Alviscan work?

Alviscan works very intuitive. The patients identifies himself at the self-measurement kiosk with a patient card or day ticket. After that, a smart user interface guides the patient through the measurement process.

After completing the measurement process, the data is automatically stored in the Electronic Health Record and healthcare professionals have direct access to it.

Watch the video to learn more about the different steps of the process.

What does Alviscan measure?

The standard configuration allows patients to measure blood pressure, heart rate, saturation and weight. Also height can be insert manually. Alviscan can be extended with automated height measurement and temperature.

Blood pressure 

During the blood pressure measurement the systolic and diastolic pressures are automatically measured. All the patient has to do is insert his/her arm into the device and press start.


The oxygen level is measured with a pulse oximeter. To perform the measurement, the patient just has to insert a finger into the sensor. The measurement starts automatically.


“The clinical staff are very enthusiastic. Having patients measure themselves saves about 5 minutes of time per patient. This saves over 1,100 hours on an annual basis. Given the increasing demand for care, we would possibly need more employees. But because Alviscan saves work and time, that will not be the case.”

Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands


Blood pressure is more reliable and often lower; therefore, we also need to re-measure or refer a blood pressure to the triage department less often. This saves patient agitation and less workload for our triage and emergency departments. This saves patient agitation and less workload for our triage and emergency departments.

Jeroen Bosch Hospital, the Netherlands


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