(EHR) systems, facilitating the instant saving of measurement results without the need for manual intervention. 

Let’s make a connection!

The Connect platform provides full connectivity between Alviscan and the EHR system. By means of HL7 messages, patients can be accurately identified, and measurement results are seamlessly stored directly in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) upon completion of the measurement protocol. Due to the use of standardized communication protocols, it does not matter which specific EHR is used by your institution, Alviscan will always be able to connect to it. 

Patient demographics

Before measuring, the patient must identify him/herself on the Alviscan by means of a barcode/QR-code containing a patientID or caseID. The Connect platform ensures the patient is identified in a proper way and performs double-checks on patient identity, when desired.


Measurment results

Alviscan guides the patient through a measurement protocol and collects the measured values from the different measurement devices. The measured values are transferred to the Connect platform for a fully automated export to the EHR in a standardized HL7-ORU message. For generating these messages no additional communication interface with the EPR or hospital-side message broker is required.  

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