Scoop for Erasmus

In 2022, Erasmus MC was the first hospital in the Netherlands with an Alviscan self-measurement kiosk. At the end of 2023, another innovation was added: a connection with their Electronic Health Record (EHR).

In the Erasmus Medical Center, the Alviscan is located in the anesthesiology department and is used by 80% of patients. Most are pleased to be able to measure their own saturation, heart rate, blood pressure, height and weight. Department manager Inge de Leeuw understands this: “Some patients start with the surgeon and end up in anesthesiology two or three hours later. Being able to do something independently is perceived as very positive.”

Thanks to the integration with their EHR, the Alviscan automatically stores all measurement data in the correct dossier. Information manager Kees Brobbel explains: “Previously, the results were printed, brought to the outpatient assistants, and then manually entered into HiX. With this development, that is now a thing of the past.” Inge adds: “In the outpatient clinic, this results in a reduction in workload for the employees. Additionally, it prevents input errors. That is, of course, an important added value. This way, we truly make a quality improvement.”

“Self-measurement saves about 5 minutes of working time per patient. This results in a time saving of over 1100 hours per year.”

Inge de Leeuw
Department Manager of Anesthesiology

The outpatient clinic staff are also enthusiastic. Self-measurement saves about 5 minutes of working time per patient. This results in a time saving of over 1100 hours per year. Inge comments: “Considering the increasing demand for healthcare, we might need more employees. But because the Alviscan saves work and time, this is currently not the case. Our colleagues can now also take on other tasks thanks to the Alviscan.”

There could be more benefits in the long term. Niels Hulshoff, Functional Management Advisor, explains: “In the waiting area, patients often wait for blood collection or to collect medication. Suppose we also place an Alviscan here. Then we could use the time of these patients more efficiently. Organization-wide, this would result in a significant time saving. And we further reduce any potential errors. I would consider that a great next step!”

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