frequently asked questions 


What is the risk classification of the Alviscan?

A medical system does not have a risk classification, the medical devices inside the system do. Declarations of conformity of the medical devices inside the system can be provided upon request.

Is it possible to integrate other measurement equipment in the Alviscan?

Yes! The Alviscan is designed to be modular, and in most cases we can integrate other or additional equipment. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and requests in more detail.

Where can the Alviscan be used?

The alviscan is designed to be used in a healthcare environment, such as for instance:

  • a hospital
  • rehabilitation clinic
  • gp practice
  • outpatient clinic
Are you able to connect to our EPR-system?

Because the Alviscan uses open communication protocols based on HL7, we are able to succesfully integrate with various EPR systems. Please contact us for further details.

Any other questions about the Alviscan